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A Therapeutic Deep Massage is the epitome of worthwhile self-indulgence.  Isobel


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  • Your Neck Jun 29, 2014 | 19:20 pm

    Your neck                         . . . how to help keep it flexible and pain free!I believe that when contemplating an exercise it helps to understand the physiology (in this case of the neck) so that I know how and why the exercise works - so having read and talked to many experts in the physio world - here's Massage By Isobel's much condensed guide to the neck - in plain English!Your neck is made up of 7 (cervical) vertebrae arranged in a clever arch that perfectly balances 10-12lbs of head with as much strength, grace and ingenuity as a suspension bridge.In between each of the 7 vertebrae are discs. These act as shock absorbers and gliding surfaces to help to the neck to seamlessly pivot in an extraordinary range of movement.  Discs work on a "suck and squirt" basis. They are filled with water. When your head looks down the movement squashes the vertebrae at the front of the disc – which squirts water out of the back. When you look up again the disc sucks in fresh water to plump itself up again.The re-hydration of the disc is vital to your neck's health. Without a regular top-up your disc flattens and your vertebrae rub together - like a car running on a flat tyre. Massage, physiotherapy and exercise can help to mobilise your discs to enable them to re-hydrate.Facet joints control how far the vertebral column can tilt. The surface[…]

  • . . . PS

    Your Neck Jun 11, 2013 | 21:21 pm

    . . . PS My last blog asked if entering the world of Social Media had "all been worth it"? So here's what happened next . . .A week last Saturday around 5.30pm I let my year-old pup out. He didn't come back.  By 10.30pm I had done all that i could - I was beside myself with worry! What more could I do?Lost PosterThen it dawned on me that I should use Facebook and Twitter.  I posted a picture of Bertie and asked my contacts to share the picture.  A huge boost came when Kerry Sykes posted his picture and details on her "What's On Calendar" page. Someone thought they had seen Bertie at Sands Recreation ground that evening!At 8am the next morning I took my weary, anxious heart for yet another trip around Holmfirth.  Imagine my amazement when every person I asked said they had seen Bertie's picture on Facebook and were looking out for him!  I even heard complete strangers calling out his name at Sands!!As it happens Bertie made his own way home by 11 the next day - tired, filthy and sick but otherwise absolutely fine.One Tired PuppyFrom 10.30 on Saturday night to 8am Sunday morning Bertie's picture had been viewed by over 10,000 people and over 500 people were commenting and looking for him!The power of Social Media finally dawned on me! This was a little dog - imagine if it has been a child?  WOW!Bertie now has celebrity status in Holmfirth people recognise him wherever we go. A few[…]

  • Social/ Anti-Social Media?

    Your Neck May 22, 2013 | 13:29 pm

    As a woman used to using her hands for a living, I have recently exercised my brain - and what a work out its had! - trying to be liked on Facebook, endorsed on LinkedIn, Favourited on Twitter and heaven only knows what on Google+!  So "why?" you may ask.Back in 1991 I launched my new business.  I did so by placing adverts in the newspapers and touring the circuit delivering talks to local groups such as the WI.   It was very successful. So much so that word-of-mouth carried me through the next couple of decades. Now, my daughter has gone to university, I have more time.  Time to take on new customers and time to learn how to use Social Media in order to attract them.It has been a mind-boggling exercise.  So much more involved than I had ever imagined.  It all seemed so easy! I mean, teenagers use social media all the time and they seem barely able to co-ordinate a hand-to-mouth movement!Not only that but the very topic seems to ignite very strong reactions all round.  From those, well-versed in the art of social media there is a feint air of incredulity that I am so woefully ignorant.  From others, and I quote "I am not a footballer or a footballer's wife, so I have no need of Twitter.  I am not a teenager so have no use for Facebook and I haven't even heard of the rest!" They seem quite affronted that I would see[…]


I am an Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist specialising in spinal conditions.  I have known Isobel for over 15 years.  I have been treated by her and have referred many patients to her with real help to myself and my patients.  She is professional, hardworking, diligent and effective.  I would highly recommend her.  Alison Sharp BSC HPC

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I also offer hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy by Isobel does for your mind what a massage can do for your body. My techniques are safe, easy and amazingly effective!

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