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 I no longer need painkillers every day …. This woman is unique and unbelievably gifted!  Nicky Pattinson

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Treatments & Prices


Method of payments preferred:

- Online at time of booking,

- cash or cheque, 

- bank transfer to Isobel Heeley Sort Code: 30-94-43 Account No: 02987310. 


Use the following as a guide based upon time rather than the treatment - every massage is unique to each customer and can be adjusted/varied to suit you. 

Gift Vouchers for any of the following treatments are available on request. 

SEATED CHAIR MASSAGE (15 mins)              


A quick and thorough back and neck massage concentrating on the spine from top to bottom, or just one specific area.  Great tool to check for any possible problem areas.  Perfect for those short of time and full of tension.

A longer appointment can be arranged should problem areas require more attention.

NECK, BACK AND SHOULDERS (30 mins)            


Useful as a follow-up treatment (I recommend a minimum of 45 minutes for your first appointment) this session concentrates on the spine.  It is a satisfyingly deep massage that will ease tension and help restore full range of movement. Also helpful in relieving the symptoms of migraine headaches. A fantastic way to spend half an hour!

FACIAL (30 mins)            


Aimed at easing the muscles around the eyes, cheeks and jaws, this blissfully soothing treatment uses acupressure points, lymphatic drainage techniques and a careful blend of aromatherapy oils to maximise  relaxation. You will be left feeling supremely calm and pampered. Especially good for migraine sufferers!

Indulge yourself further by adding a facial massage to a Neck, Back and Shoulder or Full Body treatment for the ultimate top to toe glow!

NECK, BACK AND SHOULDERS (45 mins)        


thumbnailA deep and strong therapeutic treatment which allows time to really concentrate on any spinal problem areas. Massage pressures will vary from light and superficial to very deep subcutaneous levels. Guaranteed to "hit the spot" and leave you feeling the benefit for days afterwards!

FULL BODY (1 hour)     


From your neck down to your toes this is a treatment that will energise, mobilise, detoxify and strengthen your body.  It will revive tired muscles and stimulate the renewal processes so that you will be a revitalised, healthier happier you!

FULL BODY (1 hr+) 


Using a combination of all the techniques at my fingertips, this treatment will thoroughly work every major muscle group from your neck to your toes.  A variety of deep and light pressures will ease tension and pain at the surface and then will get right down to the very core of your muscles. I will use acupressure points to target specific problems and aid the elimination of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. 

The extra time allows me to target any problem areas to ensure that by the end of the massage 

you are completely relaxed and your freedom of movement is fully restored.

NB Due to the length and exclusivity of this treatment, payment in full is required at the time of booking. 



£195.00  - by special arrangement

Exactly what it says.   This is the ultimate self-indulgence.  I will turn off the clock and concentrate solely on you.  You can include an indian head massage, a facial, a foot massage  - THE WORKS!

Every technique I have ever learned is entirely at your disposal.  Soothing and de-toxifying, toning then relaxing, restorative, cleansing and up-lifting. 

At the end of this very special treatment you will feel like you're walking on air!  Pure bliss!


NB Due to the length and exclusivity of this treatment, payment in full is required at the time of booking. 



Courses of 5 and 10 treatments are available with a reduction of 10% and 15% respectively.

 PLEASE NOTE: The times stipulated for the above treatments include changing times before and after massage and time to make any further appointments etc...



Isobel watched me walk, identified a problem with my posture and after 4 sessions I was pain-free!  Geoff

Opening Times

 Monday 3.30 to 8.00
 Wednesday 9.30 to 8.00
 Thursday 9.30 to 8.00 
 Friday 9.30 to 6.00 


I also offer hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy by Isobel does for your mind what a massage can do for your body. My techniques are safe, easy and amazingly effective!

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